Landlord Advice UK have 6 advice lines specifically for UK landlords and you can speak to one of our consultants directly and absolutely free

Landlord Advice UK consultants are eviction specialists with 30 years experience in dealing with problem tenants. Our aim is to help landlords deal with problem tenants throughout England & Wales.

Landlord Advice UK aim is to help landlords and our service that is not free is very, if not the most competitive that you will find anywhere.

Evict a tenant fast through Landlord Advice UK we can evict a tenant quickly. Evicting a tenant is quick and cost effective through Landlord Advice UK we are specialists in evict a tenant.

Some tenants will refuse to give up possession due to the fact they require local authority housing to take advantage of cheap rent, assured tenancy and a possible future right to buy. The landlord is compelled albeit grudgingly forced to take possession proceedings.

In some cases it may not be wise to issue possession proceedings, it may be prudent to take a softer approach and avoid expensive pitfalls. These pitfalls can sometimes occur when a lawyer who lacks the relevant experience to identify the danger of a potential counterclaim against their client, locking them into unnecessary expensive litigation. Landlord Advice UK As specialists in eviction we can very often identify any potential problems and make sure you avoid them.

Landlord Advice UK publish and provide each client with a check list, setting out the common errors and reasons for possession claims to fail.

The law as it stands in practical terms in some cases may not be exacting, especially in situations where the tenant simply will not pay rent or in situations involving cases of alleged disrepair’s.

Unlike a tenant, a landlord is very unlikely to have access to legal aid. Litigation, especially if you have a counterclaim can be very expensive.

In some cases where a landlord does not have the means to pay for litigation or ward off a counterclaim for disrepair at our discretion we may fund and arrange representation for the landlord free of charge.

Landlord Advice UK is an independent specialist landlord support services company who assist landlords throughout England & Wales. All our clients in court are represented by lawyers who are regulated by the SRA. We are not, nor are we required to be regulated by the law Society or the SRA. Landlord Advice UK are not solicitors, a firm of solicitors, nor do we purport to be a firm of solicitors.

Tenants Abandoned Goods

Tenants abandoning premises during their tenancy and leaving their goods behind is a growing common problem for landlords. Not only is it a problem because many landlords obtain incorrect advice as to what their rights are in regards to the selling or disposal of those goods, but also because taking possession of the premises is [...]

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Landlord Advice Does it Again!

Landlord Advice UK took on a major UK Loan company Amigo Loans assisting the defendant the Guarantor in September 2016 and won. Mr Sasha Charles of Landlord Advice UK said "This case ought to focus the minds of all landlords and lettings agents when preparing guarantors agreements. Ideally the Guarantors agreement should be incorporated in [...]

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Landlord Selective Licensing 

Selective licensing focuses on the management of private rented properties in areas of low demand and, or, with high levels of antisocial behaviour. The principle aim is to improve landlords’ management of properties and in doing so, help regenerate the area. As a result of this, not all local authorities require properties to be licensed [...]

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The Homelessness Reduction Bill

The Homelessness Reduction Bill Many landlords and agents will recall that local authorities were commonly advising tenants, where they had been served notice, to continue living in the property until the landlords obtained a possession order against them and subsequently used enforcement for physical eviction. Once evicted, the tenants would then become eligible for social housing. The former [...]

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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Regulations

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (England) Regulations 2015 The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (England) Regulations 2015 which was passed by Parliament in March 2015 and set to come into force on 1 October 2015 was suspended when the House of Lords raised issues on 7 September 2015 primarily with regards to who the Act [...]

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Right to Rent

Right to Rent Sections 20-31 and schedule 3 of the Immigration Act 2014 (“The Act”) came into force on 1 February 2016 and brings further statutory obligations for landlords and even agents to comply with. Landlords must now carry out the necessary checks to ensure they are renting to a person who has the Right [...]

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