What is a section 13 notice?

A section 13 notice allows the landlord to increase the rent of a statutory periodic tenancy. There notice period given to the tenant under a section 13 notice before the new proposed rent falls due depends on the period of a tenancy for example if the rent is payable weekly, the section 13 notice must provide atleast one months notice before the proposed rent subsitutes the rent impied under the previsouly agreed terms of the tenancy.

The notice period given to the tenant before the proposed rent takes affect provides the tenant time to negotioate the proposed rent or by an applicaiton in the prescirbed form, refer the notice to a rent assessment committee.

Why use a section 13 notice?

Landlords can gain more security by applying new terms to a periodic tenancy as opposed to granting the tenant(s) a new tenancy with a different rental amount. This approach simply provides that rent can be increased without the need to grant the tenant(s) a new tenancy to do so, therefore the landlord will always have the option available to terminate the tenancy without reason by virtue of a section 21 notice (subject to the relevant obligations having been met to serve a valid section 21 notice).

There is  a prescribed form of section 13 notice and amendments have been imposed by regulations, it is important to ensure the correct notice is served.

Can a section 13 notice be used to apply new terms other than rent?

No, a section 13 notice can only be used to increased the rental amount. If you require to apply new terms to a tenancy other than rent a section 6 notice can be served.